About Us

Specialise in supporting start-ups and helping small and medium size businesses to get more out of IT technologies.

  • We are a team of over 10 highly skilled business and IT consultants with experience the financial sector.
  • We know that every business is different and has unique needs.
  • We can provide expertise to improve and achieve client goals using our broad array of experience.
  • We do project of different sizes from small ecommerce web site to full trading platforms.
  • We can provide non-executive IT Directors for small to medium size companies.

Business Solutions

We provide suggestions and options for business and process tuning. While this is a very large field, we are able to provide this due to our in-depth experience in the business consulting area. Our normal approach is to look at business processes, and identify potential improvements and resource expensive areas.

Technical solutions

We tailor our solutions uniquely to each business problem. This is essential, as our goal is to deliver what the customer wants, not to push sales of software, build websites or sell support. Due to the nature of our business we often recommend open source software; this reduces IT costs and delivers similar or better results to proprietary software.




Start-ups who want to explore if an idea can be built in time and budget.

Small Businesses who want to start a new project to provide new services.

Financial companies who want to review and optimise their trading platform.

Fixed income trading platform (front to back and major 3rd party providers).

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Want to say hello? Want to know more about us? Give us a call or drop us an email deepakcdo@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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